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Varna Airport

The airport of Varna is the third biggest airport in the country. Only the airports of Sofia and Bourgas are bigger. It is situated on some 8 km away from the city of Varna and the direction is west. The Varna airport will provide you with an easy mean of transportation to the biggest summer holiday resorts of Bulgaria.

Similar to the other airports, we also can find a number of service desks for different services regarding a best customer service. One of the most used service at Varna airport would be the rent-a-car service. Hiring a car takes you far away from the uncomfortable use of the public transport. It also gives you the opportunity for exploring not just one place, but many places along the coast or the inland.

The area of where the airports is being build does comply with all of the EU standards for safe traffic control. This would bring the level of the safety standards to the maximum and that is why many air companies would choose this airport to use. One of the biggest aircrafts that can land on the airport of Varna would be Boeing 747, which is fully enough for its main purpose - transfering of citizens.

The run is 2.5 km long, and more than 1,2 million would cross through the gates of the airport. In 2006 Varna airport, similar to the airport of Bourgas, signed for 35 years contract with the Bulgarian-German company "Fraport Twin Star Airport Management".

For the purposes of the summer tourism in the country the airport authorities have signed contracts with more than 100 other airports from 50 destinations. The airport maintain direct lines as well, but the main lines will be the charter flights full of customers heading for the summer places.

Some of the things which the airport can offer for its numerous customers are:

  • High technolidy check-in system
  • VIP Lounge
  • Special wheel-chair and ambilift assistance for disabled customers
  • Cafeterias
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Rent-a-car companies

The sroty for the airport starts with the Christmas of 1919 with the successful landing of the first aircraft, full of boxes and packages. Unfortunately, the route Sofia-Varna had survived only for one month, until 1947 when it was started again. The airport spreads on the land where it is now, since 1948.

Nowadays the city airport of Varna has multiplied its size and now it stretches on 2500 acres of land. It concists of two modern terminals which can take up to few thousands customers at the time. The second terminal was built only to meet the requests during the summer season. The second terminal is very handy for the customers who want to enjoy the Bulgarian northen resorts.

Every person who have decided to visit this part of Bulgaria during the summer months we do recommend using Varna airport and the most important thing – hiring a car. You will need the car for several reasons:

  • Easy way or getting from A to B
  • optimizing your time
  • No bothers with the dodgy taxi drivers and different suppliers
  • Much bigger chance to explore all of the attractions and sights of this marvelous city