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Burgas is one of the biggiest cities in Bulgaria and it is the second biggest city on the coast of Bulgaria. The city has been seriously industrialized, compared with the rest of the country. But the key landmark of the area would be the beach front, which attracts many tourists each year. The city offers wide variety of hotels, attractions, plenty of marked routes for exploring the beautiful nature and other, many other services, one of which is hiring of vehicles for instance.

We would provide you with the most efficient advice, in terms of where to go and what to do and we will provide you with comments which were done by customers in the past. One of the main destinations could be the little holiday villages on the sea front. Your request for perfect holiday will be met simply, because these smaller places has charm and peace - perfect for the whole family.

After we get a car for ourselves, a possible destination could be the little exotic summer resort of Ravda, which is an extremely pleasant for the whole family-quiet and relaxing. In case, we want to have fun to the top, we can hit the road to the most famous place in the area - Sunny Beach - the place which never sleeps.

The city of Burgas is famous for his cultural, architectural, historical and outdoor sights, which can be visited easily without being depended on the public transport. All we have to have is a car. Here are some of the most popular places and sights to be seen:

  • The Great Burgas lakes - which will provide you with great view towards the Balkan range and the city centre. These lakes are one of the biggest nautical origin lakes on the European continent. They spread around on 28 square kilometers.
  • Many museums in town, which keeps old relics and cultural identities, important for the citizens. The relics depict stories and facts dating back from the early stages of existence of our country.
  • The Sea Garden - it could be listed under number one for the must to do things in town. One cannot escape from not visiting this little piece of heaven. The beautiful view towards the sunset and the sea, the relaxing green and blue nuances of the nature can be completed only with the other happy people, experiencing the same power of the nature and beauty.
  • All of the other sea side resorts, which we mentioned only few of them, are visited very often from customers who have booked a car. They prefer to rent a car to start exploring the coast line, spending few nights in each one of them. Each holiday place provides the customers with personal treatment, charm and atmosphere.
  • There are a few fortresses - if you are a fan of Indiana Jones, well, then you would love to visit most of them which are just on a short drive out of the city. Good places to be visited are: Rusokastro, Pirgos, Skafida and etc.
  • There are many national parks in the area. For the customers who love the nature , we would recommend the nearby national parks where the nature is being preserved very well. We can name some of the most famous parks as it follows: Chengene Skele, Poda reserve, Uzungeren.

As such a big city and a holiday resort, Burgas has many things to offer to its visitors. In fact, you can never feel bored and there are always few places left to be visited. It is good to have the chance to move from place to place with the assistance of the rental car companies in Burgas.