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The town of Pomorie is one of the summer holiday resorts on the southern coastline of Bulgaria, where thousands of customers will enjoy its sandy beach and warm, pleasant weather. The town will offer plenty of things for its customers, also plenty of rental car services are offered along the main street.

Many will choose the city located to the north from the city of Bourgas just because of its perfect beaches. The size of the beach is massive – more that 19,000 square meters. The lenght of the beach is more than 7 km. If you decide to walk to a particular beach for a rest, you will definitely need a car, as the walk might not be so pleasant whilst hot. So for that reason you will need a car.

In the town of Pomorie you can find hundreds of smaller and bigger hotels, ready to provide its customers with pleasant overnight or with a weekly holiday. In the town area, you can find so many small local restaurants, bars, attractions and many others, just to satisfy the customers' needs.

The history of Pomorie is as old as the world. The town was found from the ancient Thracians in the 5th century B.C. At the time the town was know as Anhialo, one of the first towns in this part of Europe. Since the town was built, until the end of the 20th century, the town of Pomorie was one of the leading towns on the Black Sea coast. It is interesting fact, that the Christianity on the Bulgarian lands exsist long after it was accepted from the inhabitants living in the town of Pomorie. The Christianity, here, was accepted on 1st century A.D. Until 1934 the city was known as " Anhialo ", and then it was changed to Pomorie.

In case you have decided to book a car, you definitely must explore several things that are listed below:

  • The Lakes of Pomorie - this is a national park, well known for its extremely salty water. It spreads around on 7600 square kilometers and due to its wide variety of plants and birds, this is just the perfec place for the people who would love to spend time with the nature.
  • Paleokastro area – this is the area where you will find the ancient Roman town.
  • The Saint George Monastery – this is an operating monastery for males only. It is still operating and the monks will organize a 3 day celebration every year on the 6th of May in the city centre.
  • The National reserve of the Pomorian Houses – visiting the place, you will feel the spirit of 19th century. It is a great place for a walk and relax, but you will need a car to get there.
  • All of the smalled summer holiday villages must be visited. But for that reason you will need to book a car. Some of the nearby places to be visited should be: Burgas, Sozopol, Nessebar and Sunny Beach.
  • The historical house of Peyo Yavorov and Yavorov rocks – The Bulgarian phenomenon Peyo Yavorov is one of the most respected writers. You must visit his house which is a museum now. The Yavorov cliffs will provide you with stunning view towards the sunrise and the sea, great for inspiration and relax.
  • The tomb of Hieron – it is situated some 4 km away from the city itself. The tomb is part of the Bulgarian heritage and also it is part of the ancient Anhialo complex. You must book a car and you must go and visit this tomb.

Pomorie definitely attracts with its beauty, location, sandy beaches and peacefulness. The city is an important destination for its cultural, natural and archiological heritage, dating back from ancient times. Get yourself a great holiday, and do not forget to explore not just the area, but also the nearby summer places.