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This is the biggest city of Bulgaria and it is the actual capital of Bulgaria. In the last decade the city has doubled its size and according to unofficial sources, more than 1.5 million inhabitants live there.

One of the things which each visitor of the city must think about is hiring a car. Although the public transport is well organized, the city is massive and you will need a car, it just will make your visit better and without being depended to the public transport.You can easily do this if you just call your rent-a-car company.

Sofia city spreads on 500 square kilometers and that is why you will definitely need a car. All you need to have is a driving license. Many companies will take your booking into consideration and will provide you with a car after filling out few forms, so you can make your stay even better.

Sofia does not depend on Tourism, but despite that fact thousands of visitors each day come to the city, just for a walk. They will usually book a room in one of the many hotels around the city. The main part of the visitors are here just for the mild business climate which the busy city offers.

During the years after the Independence act, and due to micro and macro economical terms and conditions, Sofia will become the main place for many Bulgarians who need a job and education. Another feature for the Bulgarians to come and live in Sofia would be the better Universities that the city have. And thanks to the Youth coming to Sofia, the saying about Sofia would be: "Growing up, but not getting old".

If you have planned to visit Sofia, and if you have booked a car already, here are few places that you will need to visit:

  • Vitosha National Park and Bistrishko Branishte park - during the past years the interest of the locals for those parks have increased. Vitosha mountain is the fourth biggest mountain in Bulgaria.
  • The different museums and galleries - in Sofia you can find tens of museums and galleries of all type. Here you will find the National Historical Museum, "Vrana" Palace, The Ethnographical Museum, The National Art Gallery, The Museum of Earth and People and many more. All of these important places are spread around the city, so hiring a car is a must for you.
  • Very old and religious cathedrals- In Sofia you will find so many religious temples and churches. Here you will find cathedrals of all of the religions- you can find old churches, mosques, synagogues and etc. It is important so say that the synagogue in Sofia is the third largest in Europe, after the one in Amsterdam and Budapest. While you are driving through the city do not miss the " Alexander Nevskiy" cathedral which stands on 3170 square meters and it is 50 meters tall. This building is a cathedral with national importance.
  • National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" - it is the oldest and, without a doubt, the most neautiful theatre from all. But of course there are more theatres in the capitol of Bulgaria.
  • The Nationall Assembly, Coucil house of ministers and the Presidency - those buildings will fascinate you with its design and architecture. Everytime you pass by them, you will see people taking photos of them, just to remind them where have they been.
  • Lion's Bridge and Eagle's Bridge - While you are driving you rental car through the citu you will have to drive over those emblematic places of Sofia.
  • The State University of Sofia and The National Library - those two buildings are emblematic for all of the Bulgarians. Many people have walked into and have become at some point, rulers of the country. The buildings have very beautiful design as well.

In case you have decided to explore Sofia with a rent-a-car, to visit all of the sights, you will need a week, at least. There are so many things for you to see, and that is why it is impossible for us to list them here. If you want to see even a small part of the city, again you will need to use the service of a rental car company.