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The city of Plovdiv is the second biggest in Bulgaria. It is very important cultural and administrative point for the area. It has nearly 340,000 citizens which live among ancient, middleage and modern sites and buildings. For a little while, the city of Plovdiv was the capital of the East Rumelia, part of nowadays Bulgaria with a given authonomy after the Berlin Convention in 1879.

In Plovdiv, just like the other major cities in Bulgaria the people do not count on tourism. Although the city holds two thousand years old history, the tourism is not the most important feature of it. The area of Plovdiv is over 100 square kilometers and for this city you will definitely need a car. The car will be the only good mean of transportation between the sites. If you have decided not to book a car from the airport, you can always book a car from the city centre, but you will need one.

Situated on the largest river on the Balkans- The Maritza river, resting among seven hills, the city of Plovdiv will provide you with so many sights to see! Here we will try to list only a small part of the beauty which the city will embrace you with:

  • Memorials and monuments - The city itself is a symbol. Here you will find so many monuments which will take you back in the past. One of the biggest monuments is the Monument of Alyosha, The Unification Monument, The Khan Krum Monument, The Brothers tomb, The Russian monument, The Clock Tower and etc.
  • The Ancient town - This is a must to be seen while you are driving in the city of Plovdiv. The Antique theatre and the ancient stadium, the Roman Forum and hypodrume, are one of the most fascinating heritage sites in the whole Bulgaria.
  • The Revival town- after we have explored the ancient remainings, we move to the revival period of Bulgaria. All of the houses are part of the Bulgarian heritage and the town itself is a living museum. The houses date back to the Seventeenth century, and one will definitely be taken back into the old ages.
  • The Seven Mounts - those hills are the cultural symbol of the city. They would be the most visited places from the locals. The city itself is also called "the city under the mounts". Now the mounts are turned as walking parks and places for rest. Book a car and enjoy the pleasant walk along the walkpaths under the sound of the birds.
  • The Plovdiv International Fair - this is the biggest consolidation centre for expositions and inventions in the whole South East Europe. The constant expositions and presentations will make you to buy something, even if you do not want it. There is always a huge variety of good presented which can satisfy even the highest requests.
  • Nebet Tepe Fortress - According to many scientists the city was found after the fortress was built. As we mentioned above, there are seven hills and the fortress lays on three of them - Nebet, Taksim and Dzhambaz mount. It is another must to be seen thing.
  • Churches and Mosques - Plovdiv is well known for its mosques which are still kept well since the day of the Yoke. The mosque is part of the world heritage. But to explore all of the ancient churches and middle aged mosques, you will need a car for that.
  • Hissar Kapia - You will have to visit this part of the city's history. This is part of the ancient city wall which used to surround the city. It dates back from 11th - 13th century and it used to be part of the ancient fortress, a part of the ancient Philipopolis. To explore that you will need to book yourself a car.

Plovdiv definitely will embrace with warmth, romantic and history. Every tourist must explore as much as possible, otherwise the time will be wasted. But to explore all of the important sites, you will need to use the services of a rental car company.