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Burgas Airport

Burgas airport is one of the four international airports in Bulgaria. It is the second biggest airport as well. Approximately, the airport serves nearly 2 millions tourists each year which makes the airport one of the most important for the Balkan region as well. It is settled on some 10 km away from the centre of town in the area of Sarafovo. It also will be named with the name of Sarafovo. Many of the holiday-makers will hire a car straight from there, and they will head towards the little holiday places surrounding.

The airport has the 3rd biggest run on the Balkan region, after the runs in Athens and Sofia. The location of the airport is unique- close to the Oil refinery, close to the port of Burgas, railway station and highway to the other EU countries. Due to its location and low cost for fuel, many businessmen and holiday - makers will choose namely this airport for travelling and business.

It is an interesting fact, that all types of aircrafts can land on the airport of Burgas. The biggest plane in the world AN-225 "Mria" which was built to transport the Russian space shuttle "Buran" also lands on this airport. Very often the biggest civil aircrafts such as AN - 124 "Ruslan" will also land at this airport.

Similar to other airports, here we find different facilities for the passengers such as cafeterias, restaurants, tour agencies, exchange desks, rental car companies and etc.

The main traffic for inbound and outbound flights is mostly during the summer season. Although the flights are during the whole day and night, after the charter programme is over the airport will provide you with direct flights to:

  • Sofia
  • London
  • Vienna
  • Moscow
  • Budapest

The history of the airport tells that during the 1927 the French airline " Sidna ", nowadays known as " Air France " will sign a contract with the Bulgarian government for a Radar Station in the area of Burgas. After France is being occupied in 1941, Bulgaria receives the airport for its own use and purposes, due to the close relations with the German Reich.

During the war, the airport of Burgas suffers extensions and development and shortly after the war, in 1947 the first Bulgarian Aviation aircraft will land on the run. During the Fithies and Sixties of the 20th century Burgas airport doubles its size and becomes one of the inportant airports for Bulgaria and the region. In 1970, the airport receives the right to accept international flights from more than 45 different destinations.

Upon arrival, the not package holiday-makers will have to make use of the not so comfortable and hygienic way of transportation - the public transport. One must be very careful what taxi services to use as well. It would be way much better if the customer decides to book a rental car for the week. Hiring a car in Burgas gives you a great chance to explore not just the southern area, but also the whole coast line, as well as the inland. You can easily choose the best hotel and resots that will suit you with the help of a rental car.

Due to its location, Burgas airport very often will be determined as an entry door for the holiday-makers of Europe, who has choosen Bulgaria for their summer holiday. Many of the passengers will hit the road to Sunny Beach - the biggest summer holiday resort on the whole Black Sea Coast.

Today, Burgas airport is turned to a modern International Airport, and as per the contract from 2006 another foreign investments of approx. 400 billion euros are waiting to happen. This will increase the economy of the country and will continue to raise with each year. Respectively, many new rental car companies will open their offices at Burgas airport.