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Sofia Airport

Sofia airport is the biggest and most frequently used airport in Bulgaria. The complex has so many advantages for its customers such as the rent-a-car companies which will provide you with an easy mean of escape from the hustle and bustle.

The story of this airport starts in the early 20th century, with the progress of the Bulgarian aviation. At the very begining, the flights were made without a designated landing area. At the time, the airport was on the place where the train station nowadays stands.

Exactly here the begining of civil transportation and cargo transportation started in 1922. The first lines were Sofia-Gorna Oryahovitza-Varna-Rousse and Sofia-Plovdiv-Jambol-Bourgas. In this decade Bulgaria is one of the leading countries having aviation and developing new security systems for the aviation. Bulgaria is also one of the firts countries who have signed the Chicago convention.

The Sofia airport was moved to its tadays place in the 1930ties and in 1948 the first concrete runaway, long over 1 km was built. Nowadays, the airport complex consists of bigger sites, runaways and buildings, offering all kinds of facilities to the arriving and departing passengers and one of them are already mentioned rental cars.

The runaway itself was consistently prolonged in the 1960 and 1970-ties and reaches 2.7 km , which satisfies the aims of the big jet aircraft, which actually appear at that time. The airport itself has been managed by a 100% state company created for this particular purpose only. At the dawn of the third millenium Sofia Airport was modernized and a bigger part of its facilities and terminals was renovated. At the current moment the annual number of passengers serviced here is 3.5 million people.

In 2006 a new ultra modern terminal, Terminal 2, was opened together with the runaway, which uses the experience of the old one fulfilling the expectations of all the people and authorities. Another interesting fact, worth mentioning: There are not only rental car agencies, but also a huge covered, secured, parking lot for 8000 cars.

Along with the other recent improvements, a newly build control towar was established to support the air traffic. The tower stands next to the Terminal 2, and it is 50 meters tall. The business strategy insists for high level of scalability; it is been thought about its further extension.

Into the Terminal 2 building, which stands on 55,6 acres of land, the designated market area is massive. Onto the 4000 square meters shopping area we will find:

  • Cafeterias
  • Shops
  • Bank representative offices
  • Tour agencies
  • Rent-a-car companies

Sofia Airport along with its new terminal can be discribed with high effectiveness and faster high-services for the passengers, as well as for the aircrafts themselves. Due to the high passenger's traffic many of the taxi drivers would take an advantage of you, so we do highly reccommend to book a car for you and your family from the agencies situated in the hall.