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There is no other place in the whole Bulgaria which holds the history and the beauty of an ancient city as Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Being in the new town or the old town, hiring a car to Sunny Beach or on a short walk around the historical sites, Nessebar will always stay the most unforgettable place for the visitors of our coastline.

The rent-a-car companies offer to their customers the service of free travel without using the uncofortable public transport. This is a great option for the tourists who want to move around the resorts and who want to experience the beauties of our "Riviera".

For a reason we started the exposition with the fact that Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe- a city with traditions from thousands of years. The first settlers came on these lands in the 26th century B.C. The ancient Thracians would give the city of Nessebar to the ancient Elada in the 6th century B.C. After that the city will be named with its most popular name - Messambria. For first time, in 706 A.D. the city would become part of Bulgaria after a marvelous battle led by the Bulgarian Khan Tervel - one of the best Bulgarian rulers.

Khan Tervel will destroy the Arabs and their invasion towards Europe in 718, and that is why he will be cannonized from the Byzantine Empire with the name of "Trivelius Teoktist", which stands for the Saveour of Europe. The name Messambria will be changed to Nessebar, as per the old Bulgarian language, after the city becomes constantly within the borders of Bulgaria.

Along with the cultural and historical sights, Nessebar can offer you so many other ways for a true holiday. Some of the places which you can visit whilst having a rental car are:

  • All of the museums- the ethnographical and the historical
  • the old town - It is a little piece of heaven, which is included in the world list of heritage sights and also protected from UNESCO
  • Sunny Beach- just in the outskirts of Nessebar you will find the biggest and the largest summer holiday place in the whole Southeast of Europe.
  • All of the ancient churches and monasteries with their stunning architecture and symbols.
  • The nearby summer villages - Ravda, St. Vlas, Obzor

If we have to choose a classical destination for relaxing holiday, then the Nessebar town should be the name that we have to think of. It has deep and old traditions in the sphere of Tourizm. The city has enough space to accommodate all of its happy visitors, and not only this. The city can offer you so much more as we already mentioned the rent-a-car services, exceptionally good fish restaurants, night clubs and many others.

Nessebar is one of the most desired destinations along the Bulgarian coast. The beautiful beaches of Nessebar must not be missed. Enjoying a full relax and away from the stressful working enviroment, Nessebar will provide you with unforgettable moments for whole life, which we will always remember with nostalgy.