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Plovdiv Airport

Plovdiv airport is one of the smaller international airports in Bulgaria. It stands on some 11 km away from the city centre- the secon biggest city in Bulgaria. One of the main ideas of this airport is to do the arrivals and departures during the winter season. Most of the popular ski resorts are nearby, waiting to be visited.

Plovdiv airport has all year round flights coming from the UK, Germany and Russia. Plovdiv airport is also used as a back-up supporting airport for Sofia airport. The personell can serve up to 1000 customers an hour. As like the other international airports in the world, Plovdiv airport can also provide you with a little bit of extra services such as rent-a-car companies for instance. Hiring a car from the airport gives you more security in travelling and exploring the area. Most of the people would hit the mountain towards the winter resorts.

Very often the Plovdiv airport is called "Krumovo airport" after the name of the nearby village of Krumovo. Right next to the civil airport stands the 44th heliconpter corpse of the ministry of defence. On numerous occasions this corpse of the air forces has been asked to take actions in helping the civilians and the fire rescue department during summer field fires and other places. The heli corpse has been used to help civilians during floods in different parts of Bulgaria as well.

The charter and direct flights that use Plovdiv airport are as it follows, but the management is trying to extend the range of airport listed due to the enormous investments they have made. Some of the cities that Plovdiv airport covers are:

  • Frankfurt-Hahn
  • London
  • Dublin
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • Belfast
  • Moscow
  • Krasnodar
  • Nizhni Novgorod

The story of the airport starts with one of the first bulgarian lines Sofia-Plovdiv-Jambol- Burgas in 1928. With the years passed, Plovdiv airport has constantly changed and developed its business strategy, but it never got up to the size and load of the other three airports in Bulgaria.

In the past years, the airport has double its size and now it is ready to accept bigger and heavier aircrafts. In the 70-ties and 80-ties, in very rapid ways, the local agricultural production was exported to the USSR, and the cargo very often each year weight thousands of tones.

In 2012 through the gates of the airport have passed more than 75,000 passangers, which is with 50% less due to the global crunch. The passengers in 2008 were just over 105,000. Along with the other facilities for the customers, you can book a car through the rent-a-car companies located at the airport of Plovdiv. In the area of the airport the Museum of the Aviation can be one of the places to be visited from you.

In 2009 the newly built terminal was opened for customers. This will provide the customers with faster check-in system and with a faster way of processing the luggage. If you have decided to visit the nearby winter resorts, booking a car will be the best decision for you, simply to aviod using the unreliable and not well organized public transport.