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Instanbul is one of the several Metropolises in the world which holds more than 13 million inhabitants, so today it stands in the top ten big cities in the world. To pay a visit in this city without the helpful use of services of a rental car company, will be considered as a lost cause case.

The city spreads on 5000 square kilometers, so it cannot be explored easily. Even the most popular places cannot be explored without the use of a vehicle. The history of this city starts long before Christ. First it was founded Byzantion - the capitol of the Eastern Roman Empire - Byzantium. After a while, the city changed its name to Constantinople, named after Emperor Constantine, who accepted the Christianity and also the emperor who accepted the Christianity to be the official religion in the Roman Empire. When the Turks came on these lands, the city changed its name to Istanbul. It is also known as Tzarigrad.

Istanbul stands on two continents and nowadays it is the cultural and financial heart of Turkey. It also generates the bigger part of the GDP, although the Capital was moved to elsewhere - in the city of Ankara. Each year millions of tourists will visit the city of Istanbul. Just to taste the historical atmosphere of a capital of four different Empires.

If you have decided to book for a car, we will tell you where to look for good places to visit. Here we will tell you which are classified to be the landmarks of the city. Which one is worth to be visited:

  • Haya Sofia Church - this masterpiece was the biggest of all churches in the world until the 16th century. The construction had been starting three times, until it was finally finished in the 6th century A.D. The patron of this church was Emperor Justinian. After the Turk invasion the church was turned into one of the biggest mosques in the world. Nowadays, it is a big museum which is visited by many holiday-makers.
  • Top Kapi Palace - this is the residence of the Ottoman sultans. If visiting the city, this is a must to be seen thing whilst in there. Hire a car in Istanbul and hit the sights. The Sultans Palace is one of the most important places to be visited. It depicts the ancient times in full bright!
  • St. Stephan Church - one of the greatest sights which you can ever see in the world. This is the only church made completely from steel. The church is an actual Orthodox church. The interesting thing about this church is the fact that it is being built from ready-to-put steel components. Nowadays it is known as the "Steel Church" and also as the "Bulgarian Church"
  • The Golden Horn Bay - one of the most beautiful natural parks in Turkey. It attracts the visitors with its beauty and well preserved nature. It offers stunning sea view! The 12km long and 120 km wide bay will make you to pull out your camera on thousands of occasions.
  • Galata - it is also another "must to be seen thing" in the city of Istanbul. The 61 m tall tower was built more than 1000 years ago and it still fascinates the visitors of this city a lot. One of the most visited sights in Turkey.
  • The pillar of Teodosiy - the 20 m tall obelisk is another proof of the historical importance of this city. The obelisk was brought from Egypt dirung the reign of Emperor Teodosiy the First. It was one of the most important obelisks in Europe for its time.

Istanbul is really a massive city and the sights which must be visited are almost countless. Along with the thousands artefacts, temples, cultural highlights and marketplaces, the atmosphere which the city will provide you with is unforgettable. Our best advice will be to rent a car straight from the airport of Istanbul as you might risk to miss a place you want to see. Without a car you will definitely miss some of the world sights!